Diversity, Walkability, Wellness, Culture

Diversity and Walkability Benefit Everyone

More people of all ages—especially millennials and baby boomers—are centering their life around their community rather than an isolated situation like a facility, an impersonal condo complex, or amidst suburban sprawl.

Walkability allows that diverse community to flourish, and The Putnam Block is right in the thick of it!

  • Adding to the diverse downtown atmosphere will be a variety of tenants and housing in the Putnam Block—including grad student and faculty housing, an art gallery space, a performance theater, and eateries
  • Social engagement counters isolation that people of all ages can face
  • Cross-generational interactions expand perspectives, enrich one’s experience, and provide opportunities for personal growth
  • With its services, easy-to-manage housing, and nearby amenities, Beecher Square even provides the opportunity to age in place, for those who may need it

Health-Conscious, Culturally Vibrant Community

Downtown Bennington and the surrounding region are home to a plethora of arts organizations and wellness options.

The Arts

  • Bennington Museum
  • Bennington Center for the Arts
  • Oldcastle Theatre Company
  • Burghdorf Gallery
  • Vermont Arts Exchange
  • Robert Frost Stone House
  • Fiddlehead At Four Corners
  • Ranked #3 in the nation for small, arts-vibrant communities by the National Center for Arts Research!

Attend a Festival

  • Winterfest
  • Winter & Winter Homebrew Festival
  • Bennington Arts Weekend
  • Garlicfest
  • Oktoberfest
  • Art & Craft Festivals
  • Holiday parades (St. Patrick’s, July 4)
  • First Friday Art Walks

First-Class Dining Options

  • 50+ food establishments within 2 miles
  • Discounts to Beecher Square residents

Recreation and Fitness

There are endless options for outdoor activities in the Bennington area, summer and winter, from state parks to camping and skiing. Enjoy the city’s community recreation center, bike trails and significant byways program, as well as fitness clubs in town.


In addition to the on-site medical services at The Putnam Block, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center—less than a mile away—provides comprehensive health services, as do many local primary care physicians. Bennington also offers a variety of alternative healthcare and wellness options.

To learn more, contact Bill Colvin at 802.442.0713, ext. 1 or email.

“‘The way I explain it to friends,’ Krauss says, ‘is when we were working it was great to come home to the oasis of their large Foothills home. ‘But when we retired, it was all oasis and no energy.’ He said they needed activity and inspiration…inspired and active they are.”

~Downsizing to Downtown, Arizona Daily Star/Tucson.com, 2014

Project is still in planning phases. All information on this site is subject to change.