About Membership Housing

Membership housing enables folks to downsize their housing while moving to a culturally stimulating, vibrant community. The membership fee helps activate the development of the housing. It also allows us to provide higher levels of services, amenities, and community activities for our residents. It’s a growing trend in housing and has seen success in local communities.

The benefit to a resident is a smaller home without the many costs and hassles of home ownership, support services available if needed, all in a brand new building in a thriving, walkable neighborhood. Review our comparison of costs matrix, which compares the real costs of three types of “downsizing” options: membership housing at Beecher Square, a planned community rental, and a condo purchase.

To learn more, contact Bill Colvin at 802.442.0713, ext. 1 or email.

“We realized ‘aging in place means a lot more than just a comfortable house,’ Mr. Brown said. ‘So we began thinking more about ‘aging in community.’ That means an urban neighborhood where you can walk or take transit to just about everything you need.”

~ “Choosing a Place to Settle Down in the Age of Fitbit,” New York Times, Oct 2016

Project is still in planning phases. All information on this site is subject to change.