A Great Downtown

Revitalizing the Putnam Hotel and the surrounding block will create a vibrant, mixed-use downtown space with offices, in-town living, restaurants, and retail. It will work with the historic downtown buildings and bring a mix of uses to create great public spaces where you can find many of your daily needs within a short walk. 

The project is designed to create a sense of community and to promote personal wellness.

The Putnam Block Redevelopment is a community-led development. The civic leaders of Bennington together with the town, state, and key tenants are providing the investments and commitments to ensure this project will be successful. The group is leading this project not to realize a large financial return, but to create a great downtown.

At a Glance


Courthouse Building

    • 9,520 SF
    • Uses: Retail, Office

Putnam Hotel

Winslow Building

Schematic Site Plan

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Before and After Slider

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[sciba leftsrc=”https://putnamblock.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/putnam-block-bennington-site-plan-BEFORE-1148×630.jpg” leftlabel=”” rightsrc=”https://putnamblock.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/putnam-block-bennington-site-plan-AFTER-1148×630.jpg” rightlabel=”” mode=”horizontal” width=””]

Learn More

For lease/rental information please call 802-246-1632 or send us an email.

Putnam Block Phase I is complete! All information on this site is subject to change.